Welcome to my website, home of the bearkidz-bears!

All my bearkidz-babies are entirely crocheted from a variety of different yarns and each is one-of-a-kind, designed by me and crocheted without the use of any pattern. I  "sculpt" my bears giving them their shape  by adjusting and changing the number of stitches.

Long hours are spent to finish a bear. I don't have a piece of fabric to work with but rather have to create my fabric with many, many tiny stitches, stitch by stitch.
Whenever I start crocheting  a new bearkidz I start by selecting fibers/threads which I believe will make an interesting "fur". Very often I combine completely different colors to achieve the most unique coat. Sometimes a thread has tiny color dots or occasionally comes with a shiny metallic thread worked in .
Each bearkidz is truly one of a kind.

        email: bearkidz@aol.com